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Grenada FA is inviting applications for the Position of Technical Director.

Job Summary:  Works under the direction of the Grenada FA’s Technical Committee and in accordance with the relevant Grenada FA legislation and the established policies and procedures to manage and administer the coaching programmes of the Grenada FA, designed to promote and develop football throughout the Island at all levels and to achieve the strategic initiatives in the Strategic Plan, including maximizing the rate of participation in Grenada Football by players, coaches, spectators etc.  

In this regard, the Technical Director is responsible for planning and implementing programmes of activities for coaching and training of players and coaches and for overseeing the coaching and selection of all national teams. As well, the Postholder provides technical advice and assistance to the Grenada Football Association and Affiliates for coaching development and training matters and undertakes associated duties as requested by the Technical Committee.

Educational Requirements:  The Postholder must possess an England FA Full Coaching License, UEFA or other recognized equivalent qualification. FIFA level 1 or 2 coaching License will be an asset. The applicant should be capable of operating in a computerized environment. 

Experience Required:  Ideally, the candidate with related/relevant experience will be preferred. Persons with a minimum of five (5) years’ relevant post-qualification experience coaching at a national level and or coaching in a professional league will be given consideration.

Additional Information:  The Technical Director must possess good verbal and communications skills as well as the ability to manage projects and personnel.  The Postholder must be willing to work a flexible work schedule, which could involve after normal work hours.



1.1 Manages and administers the coaching and development programmes approved by the Grenada Football Association to promote and develop football in Grenada at all levels and to ensure that the Association achieves the strategic initiatives in the Strategic Plan, including maximizing the rate of participation in Grenada football by players, coaches, spectators etc.  

1.2 Responsible for supervising coaches involved in the Grenada Football Association’s national programme and recommends national coaches and appointments to national teams.  Provides guidance and assistance to the coaches and develops appropriate policies, procedures and training activities and objectives for the guidance and assistance of the coaches.  Recommends and conducts coaching education courses and other courses to achieve full coaching certificates and monitors the progress of participants in the courses. 

1.3 Ensures that the coaches under supervision are aware of and adhere to the overall goals, policies and procedures established by the Association which includes ensuring that football is played fairly, skillfully and safely by all who want to participate and that players at all levels achieve their full potential. 

1.4 Develops a budget for all training and development programmes for submission to the Technical Committee and for the approval of the Executive Council.  The budget should include planned expenditure for equipment, coaches, materials etc.  On approval, manages the budget in conjunction with the Chief Financial Officer and in accordance with the established financial policies and procedures.  Secures the approval of the Technical Committee before overspending the approved budget.

1.5 Co-ordinates with the General Secretary the purchase of equipment, materials etc and ensures that all purchases are made with due regard to economy and that adequate supplies of equipment, materials etc. are available for all the coaching programmes and activities.  Maintains an inventory of all equipment, materials etc., ensures that the same is kept secure and reports damage and loss to the Technical Committee.

1.6 Monitors the effectiveness of the programmes and prepares reports, as required, on the accomplishments of the goals and objectives of the training and development programmes and provides suggestions/proposals to improve and facilitate the achievement of those goals and objectives.

 1.7 Maintains contact with club affiliates and other related organizations, which can contribute to the success and effectiveness of the coaching and development programmes.



2.1 Plans and implements a comprehensive programme of activities to meet the training needs of all national football teams at all levels of the game. These include training objectives, tactical plans, resources etc.

2.2 Prepares a schedule of training sessions for all national teams in collaboration with selected staff coaches and coordinates with the Chairman of the Technical Committee to ensure that the training sessions are adhered to by all coaches and players and, if not adhered to, initiates disciplinary actions in accordance with the established policies of the Technical Committee.

2.3 Oversees the training sessions to provide advice on skills, strategy and tactics and to ensure that the training activities and objectives are being adhered to.

2.4 Attends football games and observes players and coaches to enable him to assist in making the best selection of players to train in the national programmes.   Submits the names of players to be invited by the Association to train at least sixty (60) days before they are included in the programmes.

Grenada Football Association-- Technical Director-- Job Description   3

2.5 Responsible for establishing criteria for selection to national teams and for selecting national teams in accordance with the established criteria. Advises the Technical Committee of changes and replacements in teams and provides reasons for changes.

2.6 Meets with staff coaches to discuss the progress of teams in training and provides monthly reports to the Technical Committee on the progress of teams in training, the activities, attendance, problems, needs etc. on a monthly basis.

2.7 Ensures that all national teams attend official functions of the Association, as required, and especially when overseas teams are being hosted.



3.1 Develops and supervises coaching academies for youth players of all ages to promote the development of football in Grenada. This includes programmes of competition, skills training, tactical training etc. Provides instruction to coaches and trainers on the implementation of the programmes.

3.2 In conjunction with the Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports and Recreation, develops and monitors the delivery of programmes designed to promote/enhance football in schools. Advise on the coaching/training of football and organizes summer and other holiday football camps.   

3.3 Selects senior players to be trained and developed as peripatetic staff to assist with programme instruction in the schools.  

3.4 Develops and supervises community competitions, leagues, etc. in regard to women, youth, senior and veteran football in cooperation with other relevant Standing Committees

3.5 Attends clubs, other sporting and community organizations to provide seminars, workshops and give presentation to promote the development of the game in Grenada. Provides articles to the General Secretary to be included in news bulletins, letters, brochures etc. to enhance the image of football in the Island.

3.6 Meets with news media, at the direction of the Chairman of the Technical Committee, to promote the aims and objectives of the Association in respect to the coaching and development of football.


Deadline for Application: All applications should be in by Thursday November 21st.